Jumping on the Anti-Plagarism Bandwagon

Stop Blog Plagiarism

I was all set to avoid the issue, being a baby-blogger myself, but I find I cannot keep quiet.

It recently came out that a well-known blogger (the be honest, I had never heard of her, but that isn’t saying much) plagiarized several other blogs. I have looked through all the posted evidence, and made my own decision; she is not “accused” nor is it “alleged”, she did it. Of course, that is MY OPINION. It is not a final decision of anyone other than myself.

I am horrified. I never even thought about plagiarism in the blogging-verse. Apparently it is a bigger problem than I had realized, as many of my blogging friends have a story of “when I was plagiarized” and it makes me sick. The question I have seen thrown around is, why would you even have a blog if you were just going to copy someone’s opinions? Isn’t the point of having a blog to have a place where you can say whatever you want?

Parajunkee said it best about this particular case, in my opinion. Look over the facts, make your own decisions, and support who you think are the victims. I am of course paraphrasing, a lot, but you can read her post here.

Let me say here, if you ever feel I have copied your work without giving you due credit, please send me a message with why you think that and what you would like done to remedy the situation.

And if I find out I have been plagiarized … well let me just say even though I am new to this whole thing, I already have a wonderful group of friends, who will do everything they can to make things right. 🙂