Jumping on the Anti-Plagarism Bandwagon

Stop Blog Plagiarism

I was all set to avoid the issue, being a baby-blogger myself, but I find I cannot keep quiet.

It recently came out that a well-known blogger (the be honest, I had never heard of her, but that isn’t saying much) plagiarized several other blogs. I have looked through all the posted evidence, and made my own decision; she is not “accused” nor is it “alleged”, she did it. Of course, that is MY OPINION. It is not a final decision of anyone other than myself.

I am horrified. I never even thought about plagiarism in the blogging-verse. Apparently it is a bigger problem than I had realized, as many of my blogging friends have a story of “when I was plagiarized” and it makes me sick. The question I have seen thrown around is, why would you even have a blog if you were just going to copy someone’s opinions? Isn’t the point of having a blog to have a place where you can say whatever you want?

Parajunkee said it best about this particular case, in my opinion. Look over the facts, make your own decisions, and support who you think are the victims. I am of course paraphrasing, a lot, but you can read her post here.

Let me say here, if you ever feel I have copied your work without giving you due credit, please send me a message with why you think that and what you would like done to remedy the situation.

And if I find out I have been plagiarized … well let me just say even though I am new to this whole thing, I already have a wonderful group of friends, who will do everything they can to make things right. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Jumping on the Anti-Plagarism Bandwagon

  1. parajunkee says:

    Thank you for the shout out. The question you posed as to WHY someone would have a blog if they intend copy someone’s opinions… the answer is the benefits of running a blog. A blog such as the one in question gets advertising dollars, she gets free books, she gets hugged by authors and called out by name at signings. She has people recognize her at book functions and act like she is a celebrity — that is WHY. That is why bloggers strive to be that BIG BLOG. Or at least some of them. And to be that BIG BLOG you have to have original thoughts, ideas, posts. It is strenuous at times to constantly have to deliver quality conent day after day. This is not an excuse to rip off another person’s work — it is just my logical assesment on why someone would do it.

  2. amoscassidy says:

    That comes as quite a shock to me. i honestly would not have thought that plagiarism would be an issue when it came to blogs. The thing I love about visiting different blogs is getting various perspectives and thoughts on an issue/book.

    • littleread1 says:

      I was shocked as well. It had never even occurred to me that someone would do that with a blog!! Research papers in school yes, but a blog, which is an opinion?! 😦

  3. amoscassidy says:

    I did not realise that plagiarism was an issue when it came to blogs. The whole point of browsing and subscribing to blogs, for me, is to get the bloggers views on a topic, issue, or book. Like you said, Plagiarism defeats the purpose of having a blog.

  4. Great post and thanks for sharing the info! I completely agree with you on why would a person even bother having a blog if only to copy someone else’s thoughts and work? Stupid. I’d be furious if someone ever copied my blog and my thoughts… although, I don’t really see why they’d want to. Some of my posts on nut butter and how I get so excited about new kiddy chopsticks… well, I think you get my point. lol

  5. Melissa T says:

    I just heard about this yesterday via Twitter. I was surprised as well. I’d heard of people plagarizing reviews on Goodreads but I didn’t even make the connection that it would happen with blogs or blog reviews until this issue came out.

    To me it would seem a whole heck of a lot easier to just write your own review than steal someone else’s. Plus I’m not sure why someone would want to create such a blogging persona for themselves and then put it at any risk by doing something like that.

  6. Just because you are a new blogger does not mean that what you have to say does not have merit. Thank you for the post.

    By the way, I love your blog name!

  7. Miss Bliss says:

    Many years ago when I first started blogging a woman I know who is an amazing writer had some very distinctive essays, personal stories from her life, lifted from her blog and pasted directly into this guy’s blog and he then interacted with commenters taking credit for having written those pieces. It was a HUGE dustup, and rightly so and she eventually managed to get the asshat to take her stuff down but she actually had to threaten him with legal action. Her blog clearly stated that everything on it belonged to her and was copyrighted to her. She was on the verge of getting an agent and a publishing deal so stolen material was quite important on many levels. The internet is still pretty wild and wooley and people are people, so some are gonna steal. I do think that anyone can make a mistake but once you do and you get called on it…you had better own up and make it right. Otherwise you’re just a thief who doesn’t have what it takes to actually write your own content.

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