While you wait …

… oh so patiently for my next review, which is going to be Susan Ee’s Angelfall, by the way, here is something to pass the time.

A good friend of mine has a fun new food & fitness blog called Runs with Spoon. She posts a lot of her workouts and vegetarian dishes, along with pictures and recipes! I am not a vegetarian, but her posts make me want to try it for a meal or two!

Go check her out, and tell her I sent ya!

What to read next?

My “to be read” list is a mile long, so I definitely have plenty that I could read. But I want to know what YOU want reviewed!

I also have a back-log of books that I have read, that I could put a review up for, including but not limited to:

The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

The Vampire’s Heart by Cochin Breaker

Stacia Kane‘s first 3 books in the Downside Series; Unholy Ghosts, Unholy Magic, and City of Ghosts; as well as her short stories in that series Home, The Brave Tale of Maddie Carver, and Rick the Brave

… and probably 50 other books I have read in the last 6 months.

So … do you want something new? Something I have read?

Also, don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Chasing Magic, which comes out June 26th!

Review of Sacrificial Magic by Stacia Kane

*Note – This review may contain minor spoilers*

Well … Wow.

Sacrificial Magic, by Stacia Kane, was delivered to my Kindle at midnight on Tuesday, and was finished by 11pm of the same day. And yes I had to work an 8 hour shift, and I even slept some in there. Probably not as much as I needed, but I definitely had better things to do/read.

Sacrificial Magic is the 4th book in the “Downside” series. It picks up not long, maybe a month, after the end of City of Ghosts, where the heroine, Chess Putnam, and the hero, Terrible, FINALLY get together. Back to that in a minute … Chess is a “Churchwitch” for The Church of Real Truth, who saved the world in 1997 when the ghosts of all the dead rose up, because of a planetary alignment or something (not 100% sure, maybe we will find out more in the future?) by banishing them all to The City of Eternity, or just The City, where spirits go when a person dies. Continue reading


Well now, isn’t this exciting?! My very first post in my very own blog! I am still having some technical difficulties, so please forgive the *under construction* feel it may have.

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